So, on Wednesday two weeks ago, I was on an amazing quiet, no-kids getaway with my husband at a beautiful resort.

This Wednesday, I’m sooooooo not.

I have a few scary deadlines coming up; today was scattered, and I made very little progress. My house is a bit of a wreck, and I don’t even want to think about school starting in less than a month. << just no

I spent a few minutes wishing I could go back two weeks and lay by the pool. But I listened to some teaching this morning, learned something from a podcast while I ran errands, and had my fave 40s music playing while I cleaned out the refrigerator. (HORRORS IN THERE, I TELL YOU.)

You can’t always write the plot, friends, but you can choose the soundtrack.

What do you listen to when you need to focus your mind on what’s here, and not what’s missing?