If it’s not obvious by now, let me say again that I love Christmastime. And since it’s only around for a little while, it’s important to me to love it well, experiencing as much of the joy and music and light as our fam can fit in during the season. You’ve got to plan your joy.

So for my Central Florida friends, I’m sharing a little of our joy with you — the Adkins Christmas event list. It includes 13 things we do almost every year as a family, which all together will cost you less than $100 (10 of them can be totally free).

It also includes step-by-step instructions to see all of the best Disney hotel lights (including a ride on a boat and the monorail) for all of you who don’t ever do Disney. I pretend I understand that, but I don’t. And I love you anyway.

Shoot me your email below, and I’ll send you the list!