You get up with goals, and you go to bed with broken promises.

That person you want to be — you’ve sent her a thousand invitations, and she’s still not showing up to the party. The organized you. The disciplined you. The successful you.

The different you.

Day after day, you dream about tomorrow, and it drives you to a place where you can barely face today.

You know what?

We have to stop trying to learn lessons God’s not even trying to teach us.

It’s time to quit manufacturing our own failure and anxiety.

It’s time to start looking for what He’s actually doing instead of what we think He should be doing.

It’s time to quit bowing down to a mythical future and losing every breathtaking, beautiful, worshipful moment of the present.

Pause more.

Listen harder.

There are perfect things just waiting for you to do and be and enjoy right where you are.

I talk about this concept on day one of my Ten Day Mentoring Challenge, a new thought in your inbox each day for a week and a half to reset your heart and mind and point you in a new direction. If you haven’t already, get a breath of fresh air and join in today. (And if you have, share it with a friend who needs it!)