The photo above is a small peek at the lovely home of some lovely people — the kind of family whose “door is always open.” It’s one of my favorite places on earth, not only for how beautiful it is, but for how much its owners have taught me about hospitality, peace, sharing what you have, and the hand of friendship.

This place is the reason I love 40s jazz so much. A couple of years ago, we came into town, and the owners weren’t home when we arrived. They left the side door unlocked, dinner on the stove, faux candles lit, and 40s on the radio. It was truly one of the most peaceful moments of my life. My house might never look like this, but almost every morning since, I’ve lit a candle, had the coffee ready, and played some jazz classics.

We may not be able to paint the whole picture we want, but we can always craft a little piece of it.