how to face criticism

Rule #1 in how to face criticism:

It is foolish to listen to those who have done nothing but who criticize everything.

I counseled someone last week who lives her life paralyzed by the negative things people on the sidelines post and say and think. She lays down at night and blankets herself with the thoughts of “friends” who know how everything should be done — but who have never actually done any of the things.
If that’s you (and it’s sometimes me), it’s time to throw off that weight and stand in confidence before the Lord.
God has given us each a unique road to walk and a unique cross to carry. We are 100% responsible for our obedience as we carry it, and you and I both need to get on our knees before God and take that calling with deadly seriousness. Jesus says if we love him, we’ll obey him. That’s hard core.
But we are responsible to obey Him, not people — and especially people who always share big, fancy thoughts but who’ve never faced the battle.
Find and listen to people who have gone before you and persevered, not people who stand behind you and pick you apart.

If people haven’t walked where you’ve walked, don’t let them think where you think.

Kelly Adkins