Here’s something I’d have bet the winning PowerBall ticket that I’d never, ever say, and certainly not in public, and most definitely not in writing. But here goes nothing:

As far as weight goes, I am heavier than I’ve ever been. But as far as life goes, I’m also happier than I’ve ever been.

Awhile ago — probably even last year — I would have thought these two statements were 100 percent mutually exclusive. I have struggled with weight my whole adult life, and I’ve always had some ideal self I figured I’d have to reach before I could be truly free to share, to serve, or to love.

I could write about this all. day. long. And someday I probably will (after all, almost half of you chose self-image on my survey). But today, I will just tell you this. The main reason I’m happier is that I faced down one giant question:

What if I never change?

I’m guessing you need to ask this question in some way, too — to face all the Part As we think we need to have in place before we get Part B:

What if your spouse/child/parent/significant other doesn’t change so you can be happy?

What if your bad habit never gets fixed so you feel strong and in control? 

What if you never keep your house clean enough so you can open it up in hospitality? 

What if you never like the way you look so that you can feel confident? 

What if you never get married so you can finally settle down? 

What if you never get the job that lets you spend more time with your kids or your passion the way you want to? 

What if you never have more money or more time or more of whatever you want to see in your heart so that you can do that thing with your life?

Hear me now: I’m not advocating giving up hope or abandoning these goals. These are not bad things to want; they are good things to want. They are positive things. Some are even wise things.

But right now, for whatever reason, they aren’t your things. And if you put off living in part B of your question (that thing you want to do) while you wait for part A (that thing you want to be), you will lose both A and B and all the joy that’s already happening around you — all the way down to Z.

Go ahead and shoot for your goal, not for your obstacle. Be brave — the world needs you. Live and love and give out of who you are right now, and you’ll become more of who you want be.

 Act out of who you are today, and you won’t waste your life, even if you never get tomorrow.

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