This post is a follow-up to seven apps that help make my life simple.

To me, sacred is what’s true, what lasts, and what really matters. Here are seven apps that are helping me focus my time and energy in that direction.

Moment. Monitor your phone time (and your family’s if you wish — but watch out, they can monitor yours, too!). Includes a Virtual Coach that helps you train yourself to be on your phone less, which makes for more sacred headspace. iPhone | try Quality Time for Android

She Reads Truth. Probably the most accessible and user-friendly Bible study app for women around (there’s a men’s version too, He Reads Truth). The teaching is on point, and so is the graphic design. iPhone and Android

Streaks.  A todo list game that helps you build good habits by creating streaks. Use it for everything from stretching your body to stretching your mind. iPhone | Try Habit Tracker for Android

New City Catechism. 52 simple questions and answers to learn the doctrines of the Christian faith. Easy enough for kids (it’s been a part of our homeschool curriculum this year), but rich enough for grownups. iPhone and Android

OfferUp. Um, what? An online marketplace? You betcha. Getting rid of stuff you don’t need and getting it to someone who does is one of the most sacred acts there is. My garage (which we lovingly refer to as The Garage of Shame) will hopefully be benefitting from this app this fall. Trust me, your space feels more sacred when there’s … space. iPhone and Android

Read Scripture.  This is a fairly new app I’ve just started using — it’s a one-year plan that explains every book of the Bible with some really creative videos. The plan explores the major theological themes of the gospel and gives you tips on how to read scripture. iPhone and Android.

Google Calendar. I used to use third party calendar apps, but I love the update to the native Google Calendar app; it has a fresh clean look. As I shared in an Instagram story a couple of months ago, I have several calendars on Google calendar to manage our family and work schedules, but the thing that helps me most is my Ideal Week calendar — a template that I use to help my schedule stay sane. I mapped out an ideal week in its own calendar — literally where I’d put everything if I had my choice of a perfect seven days — and toggle it off and on to help me know where to put appointments, rest, date nights, writing time, and more. If that makes no sense whatsoever, let me know, and I’ll do another post on it :).  iPhone and Android.

What did I miss? Let me know!