For a few months now, I’ve been thinking about writing through a book of the Bible for my own personal study and discipline. And then I began thinking about walking through it with someone I’m mentoring online. And as I was thinking about that, I also began thinking about sharing it with you here.

And then I started thinking things like you’re no Henry or Wesley or Scofield, and what could you possibly add to what’s already been said, and for heaven’s sake, woman, you can’t even find time to wash your pants.

And then God said GIRL WOULD YOU SHUT UP WITH THE THINKING AND START WRITING ALREADY. Which is a paraphrase, but fairly accurate.

So next week, we’re off, and the book is Colossians, which I’m hoping is not really a big surprise to you at this point because of the title of this post. This letter from Paul to the church in Colossae has become one of my favorites over the last few years, and I’m excited to dig deeper into it.

I’ve love to have you join me, reading and talking about God’s Word. It won’t be an everyday thing, but it will be regular. And it won’t be quick either; I plan to take this thing apart at the seams to dig out all the truth I can.

My goals are
1. To be disciplined about regularly and thoroughly studying scripture
2. To encourage us both to think about things that really matter, and
3. To show how much you can really find in the Word of God if you take the time to dig deeply.

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I’d love to have you join me. Are you ready?

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