Spotted on a girls’ t-shirt this weekend, some questionable advice:

In a field of horses, be a unicorn.

Our world is consumed with better and best and different. What we need most right now, though, is people who are willing to be simple and steady and sure.

Horses are beautiful. Horses are strong. Horses are quiet workers, joyful runners, brave warriors, and one of the primary building blocks for civilization as we know it. Horses are necessary.

Unicorns are Pinterest-y, make-believe, show-off stuff that feels good in the moment but that won’t get your soul-work done in the end.

These days, we’re so obsessed with flying and sparkling that we’ve lost the patient faithfulness of plowing the fields.

We’re so concerned with sharing our lives that we don’t keep them anymore.

It’s okay to have a basic birthday party with just a cupcake or two and your family. It’s okay that your house doesn’t look like it’s ready for an HGTV finale. It’s okay if your proposal is a simple, outstretched invitation to the future and a whisper of will you marry me?

And it’s far better than okay for you stay humbly faithful to your family, your work, and your calling, living for eternal and generational results instead of the momentary flash of a sharable life.

Rest your spirit, teach your children, and be a horse out there today. Trust God’s time for the place to shine.

Saddle up, friends, and find your joy in the quiet and beautiful ordinary.

How to Have Joy


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